Carob Cake with Cashew Frosting


Pastel de Algarroba con Frosting de Anacardos

¡Yay! Toca fiesta de nuevo y eso significa una cosa… ¡Tarta! Pero, espera, espera, ¿qué estamos celebrando? Pues que el blog pasa a ser 100% vegano! Personalmente no soy vegano, pero me he dado cuenta de que prácticamente todos mis últimos post lo eran, y ya que ser vegano es una meta a la que quiero llegar, continuar el blog 100% vegano me ayuda a ser más creativo y encontrar nuevas recetas, ingredientes y deliciosas maneras de llegar a mi meta. Espero que a todos os entusiasme esta noticia tanto como a mí y que podamos seguir haciendo fantásticas recetas juntos! Por ejemplo, este delicioso Pastel de Harina de Algarroba con Frosting de Anacardos. Conseguí la receta de mi amiga Leire, la cual espero conocer en breves y con la que haré una vídeo receta para mi canal de youtube (¡sí! también empezaré a subir vídeo recetas y mucho más en un canal). De vuelta a pastel, este esponjoso bizcocho es súper fácil de hacer y lleva sorpresa, no es de chocolate! Su color y sabor provienen de la harina de algarroba, un producto muy local aquí en Mallorca, ¡yo mismo tenía un Algarrobo en el patio de casa! Pero ahora vivo en el centro y no tengo jardín, así que compré un paquete de Harina de Algarroba Mallorquina en una de mis tiendas favoritas de Palma, Lo Vegano. Esta tienda abrió sus puertas hace un par de años y su surtido de productos veganos, eco y locales es increíble. No hay excusas para hacer este delicioso pastel!

· 1 taza de Yogur de Soja
· 1 taza de Leche Vegetal
· 1 taza de Harina de Maíz
· 2 tazas de Harina de Espelta
· 3 cucharadas de Harina de Algarroba
· 1/2 taza de Aceite (yo usé de girasol)
· 1 + 1/2 tazas de Azúcar de Caña
· 2 cucharaditas de Levadura
· Nueces (Opcional)

Combina el azúcar, aceite, yogur y leche vegetal hasta que el azúcar esté bien disuelto. Luego añade los ingredientes secos y mezcla bien hasta obtener una masa homogénea. Ponla en un molde cubierto con papel de horno y hornea el pastel a 180ºC durante 40-50 minutos o hasta que al pinchar con un cuchillo este salga limpio. Este pastel está riquísimo tal cual con una taza de café, pero también podríais cubrirlo con chocolate negro fundido (1 tableta de chocolate + 2 cucharadas de aceite de coco al baño maría) o relleno de frosting de anacardos, prometo subir la receta pronto! Por ahora os dejo con “Holding On” de Disclosure con Gregory Porter para que montéis la prometida fiesta, a disfrutar!



Carob Cake with Cashew Frosting


Yay! It’s party time again, and that means one thing…Cake! But, wait, wait, wait, why are we celebrating? I’ll tell you why, because Food Or Mood is going 100% vegan! I’m not vegan myself, but I realized that almost all of my last posts were vegan and since veganism is a point I’m trying to reach, I’ve found that going fully vegan on the blog helps me to get creative and find new combinations, ingredients, and delicious ways to cruelty free food. I hope everyone feels as excited as me with the news and that we can keep making awesome recipes together! For instance, this Carob Cake with Cashew Frosting. I’ve got the recipe from a dear friend of mine which I’ll meet soon and with whom I hope to film a video recipe for my youtube channel, (yes! I’ll also be uploading video recipes and much more on a channel!). Back to the cake, this spongy cake is very easy to make and has a surprise, it isn’t chocolate! The colour and flavour of this cake come from carob flour, which happens to be a very local product here in Mallorca, I even used to have a carob tree at home myself! But now that I live in the center and have no garden, I bought some local carob flour at on of my favourite Mallorca’s shop, Lo Vegano. This store opened a few years ago and their assortment on vegan, eco and local products is awesome! No excuses not to make this deli cake!

· 1 cup Soy Yogurt
· 1 cup Plant Milk
· 1 cup Cornmeal
· 2 cups Spelt Flour
· 3 tbsp Carob Flour
· 1/2 cup Oil (I used sunflower)
· 1 + 1/2 cups Whole-Cane Sugar
· 2 tsp Baking Powder
· Walnuts (Optional)

Combine the sugar, oil, yogurt and milk until sugar has dissolved. Then add the dry ingredients and mix well. Pour the batter into a mold lined with parchment papper and bake at 180ºC for about 40-50 minutes, or until when poking with a knife it comes out clean. This cake its delicious on it’s own but you could also glaze it with some melted dark chocolate (100 gr dark chocolate + 2 tbsp coconut oil melted on a water bath) or filled with some Cashew Frosting, I promise to share the recipe soon! For now I’ll leave you with Disclosure’s ft. Gregory Porter “Holding On”. Cake and good music, all the necessary ingredients for a jam!


Lemon Curd


Lemon Curd


It’s time to celebrate! And of course the mood for this recipe could be no other than #PARTY. I’ve finished high school, passed my uni entrance exams and my house renovations are over, thank god! That means 2 things; I have a nice kitchen where cooking it’s a pleasure and not a nightmare and more time to invest on the blog. Also, you may have noticed the design changes made on the blog and my life is changing too, I’m 18 already and enjoying a gap year before I move to Germany and later on start uni (don’t know exactly where yet). Time fore changes and also for discoveries, such as this sweet but tangy lemon curd, or some crazy good music from Jamie XX. You might now him from “The XX” which I also love, but his last album “In Color” couldn’t be more appropriate for this recipe, autumn, and lift things up in general. 


· 200gr Sugar
· Zest of 2 Lemons
· 150ml Lemon Juice
· 8 Free Range Egg Yolks
· 140gr Butter
· 1/4 tsp Salt

On a water bath (a bowl over a pot with 2 fingers of boiling water) mix all ingredients together, stirring constantly until sugar has disolved and the curd thickens. You will now when it’s ready if it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon and small bubbles form around the edge of the bowl (about 5 min). Take off the heat and pour the curd trough a fine sieve, store it on a glass jar, let it cool at room temperature and then chill on the fridge. I eat this amazing lemon curd over toast, with yoghurt, as a toping for cheesecakes… Wherever you want it, you can have it!


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